• Learn How to Tweet an Injury

    Use this page to learn the proper format of an injury tweet. Make sure that your tweet starts with @whoshurt so that it will come to us! Practice as often as you like. None of the tweets will be posted. This is just a page where you can practice and many times as you like so that you can send us injury reports without having to connect to the website!

    The format is:
    HTML Code:
     @whoshurt <sport> <league> <team> <player> <injury> <practice status> <game status> [<notes>]
    The sport field is a two-letter code described as:
    bb for baseball, bk for basketball, fb for football, hk for hockey, and sc for soccer.

    The league field can be mlb for baseball, nba or ncaabb for basketball, nfl or ncaafb for football, nhl for hockey, it for Serie A (Italian), uk (English), and us (American) for soccer.

    Hover the mouse over each icon league icon for the team codes.

    The player field can be the players partial last name, his jersey number, or his league code.

    The injury field should be one word with the type of injury.

    Practice status can be one of 'none', 'partial', or 'full' and the game status can be 'out', 'doubtful', 'questionable', 'gametime', or 'probable'.

    The notes are optional. Remember that Twitter has a limit of 140 total characters so try to be concise.
  • Practice Tweet

    Sample:      @whoshurt inj fb nfl dal romo shoulder limited probable The Dallas Morning News reports that QB Tony Romo has injured his non-throwing shoulder.


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